Tupelo Honey 16oz


Highly prized honey made from Tupelo trees in the swamps of Georgia • US Grade A • 16oz glass jar • Limited availability

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Savor Every Drop of this Precious Nectar

A specialty honey collected from the blossoms of the white Ogeechee tupelo (Nyssa ogeche) trees in Georgia. Tupelo literally means swamp, from the Native American language of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.

These trees are remotely located only in the deep swaps of Georgia and Florida, where our bees spent their vacation from their home in Maine. Pure Tupelo honey will never granulate, due to the high fructose content, allowing it to retain a silky smooth texture. Beekeepers only have a short 2–3 weeks to produce this honey, as these trees only blossom in limited windows each year, adding to the allure and highly coveted nature of this delicate honey.

With a highly prized flavor profile of rich florals, rosewater, caramel, ocean essence, sweet hay, mild cinnamon-clove spice, tangy, apple, we have an extraordinarily complex and elegant honey that truly is like no other. Enjoy this rare treat while it’s available.

Tupelo Grade A Honey - 16oz Glass Jar

Tupelo Grade A Honey - 16oz Glass Jar

Additional information

Organic & Unfiltered

Due to the remote nature of Tupelo trees, the honey is naturally organic. Our honey is pure tupelo, without any heating or filtration whatsoever.

How to make a honey mate

Spread a thin layer of honey around the perimeter of your gourd. Pour hot water over the honey to incorporate it into your mate as you desire.


No need to refrigerate our honey — it’ll remain just fine in room temperature. Honey may naturally crystalize after a few months, which is totally normal. You may gently heat the bottle in warm water to reliquify.

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