Wild Blueberry Honey 16oz


Bursting with Blueberry
US Grade A • 16oz glass jar • By Maine Bees of Downeast blueberry fields

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Wild Blueberry Delight

Bees of Downeast, Maine, spent time in the wild blueberry fields to capture this delicious full body and earthy varietal honey. Rich and tangy florals with subtle sweet elements offer a complex and sturdy profile, perfectly suited for stronger teas, baking and making granola bars.


Wild Blueberry Honey - 16oz glass jar - Grade A

Wild Blueberry Honey - 16oz glass jar - Grade A

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How to make a honey mate

Spread a thin layer of honey around the perimeter of your gourd. Pour hot water over the honey to incorporate it into your mate as you desire.


No need to refrigerate our honey — it’ll remain just fine in room temperature. Honey may naturally crystalize after a few months, which is totally normal. You may gently heat the bottle in warm water to reliquify.

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