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Organic Yerba Mate Tea Bags

As much as I use my trusted gourd and bombilla, yerba mate tea bags have been a part of my mate journey from the beginning. With all the benefits of yerba mate, the mate bags are hassle-free and easy to use. Let’s talk about a few of the perks of using mate tea bags below. […]

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Amazing Wooden Yerba Mate Cups

Do you have a yerba mate cup yet? Yerba mate is already cool, but drink it with a wooden yerba mate cup and you’re even cooler! For years people have been seeing me drink from my wooden mate gourd and say “hey Dave, I want one of those!” Well wait no longer, my friends; Circle […]

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healthy alternatives to coffee

Best Way to Stop Drinking Coffee

Here’s an easy way to substitute your coffee with a safe alternative So you want to stop drinking coffee? You’ve been seeking a healthy coffee substitute? You’ve learned the hard way how coffee makes you feel burned out? You’re tired of the crashing, jittery, jarring effects of coffee? Good for you. Read more on: Yerba […]

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Where to Buy Yerba Mate in New York City? No problem.

As a native New Yorker traveling back and forth from South America for several years, coming back home and keeping up my yerba mate habit hasn’t always been easy. New York has plenty of health food stores with yerba mate, but none that provided the quality of taste that I was seeking. This led me […]

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