The History of Yerba Mate Tea (1500–2000s)

The history of yerba mate tea is quite circuitous, reaching great heights of commercial expansion and sharply plummeting to total industry collapse. Below, I’ve highlighted the major events of mate’s development from the 1500s when Europeans discovered the Guaraní Tribe of Paraná consuming mate, to Read More

Here’s How to Make Friends in Buenos Aires

The Paris of South America has been affectionately attributed to Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina. And after a few days there, you’ll begin to see how truly beautiful and mesmerizing Argentina can be. With a predominance of second and third generation Italian and Read More

Online Mate Circle: Yerba Mate Basics

Online Yerba Mate Circle, January 30th,2014 The first Mate Circle of 2014 was a success! Thanks to everyone that joined in from around the world to learn and share about this magical herb from South America that we all love. We had Materos from The Read More

Hunter’s First 21 Days Starting to Drink Yerba Mate

Below is a true account of a new mate drinker that has been documenting the life-altering results since the past 21 days of first starting to drink yerba mate. I love the taste of coffee and love a “little” burst of caffeine but find normal Read More

2 Inspiring Yerba Mate Stories

Two yerba mate stories that show the power of Mate This week I heard two amazing yerba mate stories from a few Circle of Drink Materos on our forums. I was deeply inspired to hear how Mate is bringing about positive changes and improvements in Read More

Drinking Mate While Driving

Drinking and driving is bad. But what about our beloved mate? We can’t stop drinking this holy herb because we’re in a car. No sir! What sort of car ride would that be. A pretty boring one for a Matero. It doesn’t matter where I’m Read More

The Queen Outlawed Mate

Yerba mate was illegal in London. Published in the 1882 Tropical Agriculturist, we hear the plea of Anglo Porteno, writing to the Editor of the British Trade Journal, fighting for the right to resume drinking mate in London. “It is, in time, a most greatful, Read More

Guayaki, Longboarding, & NYC

Yesterday was one of the best “Mate” days that I have ever experienced, and you KNOW that I’ve experienced a lot of Mate days. I was given the honor of having an amazing circle with two guys from Guayaki, in Brooklyn. We literally spoke, laughed, Read More

Holy Mate in Tajik Mountains

Holy, holy, holy, MATE! I recently went hiking in the majestic mountains of Tajikistan, and you know that I had to bring some Mate with me. Ecoteas’ Holy Mate is infused with Tulsi and Peppermint, which give it a unique taste with a particular kick. Read More

Yerba Mate & Horseback Riding in Tajikistan

Mate, the truly universal drink. I’ve been spreading it to more and more people, and I still can’t get over the feeling of seeing someone take their first sip of the beautiful way of life that Mate is. Yes, way of life, because to just Read More

Yerba Mate in TAJIKISTAN: Lake Varzab

My friends, my friends, my friends. I am currently on another adventure, and brought Mate along with me. I’m living in Tajikistan for the summer, and made sure to pack a few lbs of Yerba for the ride. Unfortunately, and I had to leave a Read More

Breathe Before You Rush: How Mate is More Than a Drink

In order for me to elaborate on the topic of why Yerba Mate is so necessary today, I need to first introduce you to two people: Charles and Brad. Charles is a 34-year-old man working at the financial services firm, Goldman Sachs, as an Executive Read More

Mate Whisperings

I don’t get tired of drinking IT. IT’s sustainable. Maintainable. Free flowing. Growing. Sowing seeds. Some say IT builds electrical activity in the brain. Some say it helps wake you up. Deepens dreams. Improves the immune system. I bet IT does all of that, and Read More

Yerba Mate in NYC with new & old friends

The simplicity of the gourd is overwhelming, yet it continues to attract people far and wide. The herb is heard for miles, and strangers transform into friends with each pull of the bombilla. A bond is formed, and a mutual feeling is established that screams Read More

How Poland got its hands on Yerba Mate

The history of yerba mate in Poland I recently stumbled upon a picture of a Polish guy drinking some Mate. I posted a comment, and this began my informal interview with a Polish Mate drinker by the name of Sebastian. Sebastian: Hi Matt. Thanks for Read More