Argentina Bakery packed full of Yerba Mate

Yesterday I visited a typical Argentine bakery to get some “facturas”, or what the Argentines refer to as pastries and cookies that go along well with mate. Typically, these little “tiendas” here in Argentina are FULLY stocked with all sorts of yerba mate. The people Read More

Matt spreads some Mate Lovin’ in Nepal… Outdoors Style!

Matt of Circle of Drink continues to spread mate all across the world, from New York to Abu Dhabi and now to Nepal; as he continues his study and travels around the globe, he’s never short of his bombilla, yerba, and gourd! Sipping yerba mate Read More

A Mate Enthusiast’s Story

For the last year mate has been my study companion. I started drinking mate when I was in Canada, after watching David Askaripour videos about yerba mate. Even though I had heard a lot about mate before, I never got to try it. My first Read More

Mate: The Chill Drink

I love yerba mate I respect and appreciate all that yerba mate does for me, and for others. While mate has recently become a large part of my life, there are times when I prefer a nice cup of tea. Due to the fact that Read More

Mate Circle: Mate All Day

Yerba Mate, The Drink of Friendship Mate is commonly referred to as “The Drink of Friendship” for a reason. Its “power” goes beyond its ability to increase your health and awareness, and even extends to strengthening the bond between you and those who you sit Read More

MDO’s First Mate Experience

Does yerba mate get you high? …is the first question that many people ask me when I talk to them about mate. The second question is usually, Can I have some? This video deals with the latter question, during which I introduced my friend, MDO, Read More

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