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Matt spreads some Mate Lovin’ in Nepal… Outdoors Style!

May 22, 2011

Matt of Circle of Drink continues to spread mate all across the world, from New York to Abu Dhabi and now to Nepal; as he continues his study and travels around the globe, he’s never short of his bombilla, yerba, and gourd!

Sipping yerba mate tea in Nepal



  1. Mary

    I had my first mate when I was six years old in Argentina in the 60’s. I burnt my tongue, but that did not discourage me from drinking it after that. As kids we would drink “mate cocido” with milk. I lived in Argentina for 12 years and those were the best times of my life. When we would come on furlough to the US and bring mate for our relatives and friends to try they did not know what it was and would make faces when we prepared it for them. Now I drink mate every morning (more than my Uruguayan husband). I am glad that I can buy it here in the States now. I have been buying Taragui at Earth Fare lately. It is a bit softer that Canarias (the Uruguayan brand). It wakes me up in the morning and gives me a clear mind. I am glad to see that more and more people are learning about mate here in the States and learning to enjoy the traditions and the “compañerismo” it brings. Saludos.

  2. Federico

    im uruguayan, wtf r u doing there?

    • David

      Chee… I’m from NEW YORK!! and mate is in my blood!

      • Federico

        thats great!, i mean why is he shaking mate so many times?!! xD, just a 3-4 time its enough! ^^, cya! n keep enjoying n spreading mate!

        • Ha, I spread Mate all over the world, Federico. It’s what I do. I brought some to Nepal and had a little Mate circle. Also, 3-4 times is enough! This was a year ago when I was still new to the drink. Drink on!

          • Federico

            hahaha, great!, greetings from montevideo!!, drink on!

        • David

          Montevideo is great!! I stayed in Old Town once…. come visit me in Baires!! jajaj

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