Cultyvada Lemon Ginger

Juicy! Snappy! Tangy! Yes! 



Those Beachy Vibes

Lemon and Ginger smartly blended with green malty goodness, yes, summer vibes are singing. Superclean. Superlight. Supergreen. Crispy clear and bright. Playful and fun, a delicate erva blend with juicy lemon and a delicate touch of ginger for a gorgeous nectar, honeydew character. It’s too easy...pour a hot gourd or brew an icy pitcher for the beach. Lovely hot or cold.

Cultyvada Lemon Ginger Erva Mate

Cultyvada x Circle of Drink

Cultyvada Lemon Ginger Erva Mate

In 2020 we partnered with Cultyvada farm of Ilópolis, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. For over 60 years, Cultyvada has been at the fore of gourmet erva mate in Brazil. They are known for their silky smooth and subtle ervas, with both traditional (nativa) and modern blends.


Erva mate from Ilópolis, Brazil, lemon, ginger.


How to Prepare Erva Mate

Enjoy hot or cold.

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