Oh Baby, Sweet Nectar!


500g NT WT

Nectarous Delight

Scintillas of honeydew levitate atop a mellow earthy body. With over 90 years of crafting high integrity yerba mate, the Liebig Co-op of Argentina presents this understated gem that you’ve probably never heard of. With a pleasant honey-light complex, we’re ensorcelled in a mosaic of infinitely sweet subtleties layering upon one another — intoxicating melodies that’ll please seasoned Materos and neophytes alike. The gold packaging is fitting for what lies beyond.

Liebig Yerba Mate by Circle of Drink Liebig Yerba Mate by Circle of Drink

Brewing & Tasting Notes

With remarkable natural sweetness and smooth earthy body, this yerba doesn’t need anything added to it. It’s just right. We recommend using water that doesn’t exceed 155ºF (69ºC).

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