Noble Cup Obscuro

Elevate to Noble Heights



The Majestic Mate Experience

High integrity, handcrafted metalwork manifests a stately bespoke piece to elevate the joy of yerba mate — the passion to share a gourd with a Circle of friends or savor every sip in pregnant solitude.

Gilded with delicately shaped alpaca steel warmly enveloping a buttery-smooth and leather-like natural calabash gourd illuminated with a thin hue of natural dye, each Noble Cup ineffably absorbs and radiates an energy of times long past to times coming.

Exclusive Pieces

Each piece is one-of-a-kind and designs, shapes, and sizes will vary from piece to piece. Unless otherwise specified in the notes section of checkout page, we’ll randomly select your gourd. If you have a preference in shape and design, we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Noble Cup Obscuro Yerba Mate Gourd Noble Cup Obscuro Yerba Mate Gourd Noble Cup Obscuro Yerba Mate Gourd


Mold and greenish staining will naturally occur throughout the first few weeks of using your gourd. This is a normal and expected part of the curing process, as flaky plant material from the gourd is oxidized and, quite literally, consumed by the harmless mold.

curing calabash yerba mate gourd


When your gourd first arrives, gently scrape as much flaky plant matter from the inside of the gourd, then rinse well. If particles remain, don’t worry, it’s only a squash plant and safe to consume. Learn more here >>

We recommend allowing your gourd at least 2 days of full rest per week, for the first month. After this point, the gourd may be considered “fully cured”, coinciding with a uniform camouflage green color inside the gourd. You’ll now notice that the gourd becomes fully dry shortly after each use.


Weight: 80 g
Width of brim: 2.25 in, 5.71 cm
Height: 4 – 4.75 in, 10.16 – 12 cm
Capacity of dry yerba 3/4s full: 50-65 g
Hue: rich charcoal (natural dye)



Fill gourd 2/3s (leaving space of at least half-inch  from base of brim. Tilt gourd to 45º and pour cold or warm water and allow to rest for 30 seconds. Insert bombilla in space, add hot water not exceeding 175ºF (79ºC)  and enjoy until tasteless. Repeat.

noble cup obscuro yerba mate gourd

noble cup obscuro yerba mate gourd

noble cup obscuro yerba mate gourd

noble cup obscuro yerba mate gourd

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