Rosamonte Traditional


Rich and robust cherry tobacco earth explosions! • Classical Argentine yerba • 1kg, 2.2lbs

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The Mustang of Argentine Yerba

Strap in for this one! By design, there’s nothing smooth or elegant about Rosamonte. Enjoy the fast and bumpy ride of explosive cherry-tobacco-earth notes that rip through your bombilla like burly bolts of lightning flavor. Sharp deep cherry florals collide with rich and muscular green earth for a fun and eclectic experience. Sweet hay adds some much needed clarity amidst this big body mate. High energy delivery is promised in every sip.

Rosamonte Traditional Yerba Mate - 1kg, 2.2lbs

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This big body mate can take a good amount of heat in the 175ºF / 82ºC range. Stronger elements are calmed with cold water. Add honey or agave to cut through the richness if you can’t handle it.

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