Royal Nectar

Luscious, sweet, and refined, a royal blend of noble herbs and honey. Savor every sip.

Royal Nectar is like nothing we've ever blended. It's a mate you sip and appreciate, contemplating the subtitles and nuances slowing unfolding in your gourd or glass. Granulated honey, green rooibos, lemon peel, coconut, myrtle leaf and yerba mate are elegantly crafted for a sweet, nutty, citrusy, and creamy experience. It's delicate and bold at once.

Tasting Notes

For the most refined experience, brew for 2–3 minutes at 150–170ºF (65–76ºC). For additional body and citrus notes, 3–5 minutes. For a strong boldness, 7+ minutes. In a gourd, enjoy like any other mate. Royal Nectar Yerba Mate Tea

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