Yacuy Lemon Mint x Boldo x Acai


Light, Zesty & Tropical Flavors • Yacuy Acai Guarana, Boldo Mint, Lemon Mint • 500g each • 3 Packs

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A Most Vibrant Expression

Experience some of Yacuy’s most vibrant and juicy blends for a zesty experience that begs summer vibes. All of these yerbas were designed to drink hot or cold. They also make excellent additions to pure yerba or erva mates for enhancing the flavors.

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Yacuy Lemon Mint 500g

Wonderfully light and refreshing with clean and juicy floral elements of apples, lemon, cotton candy, bubblegum, honey and mint — here’s a fun and lively blend that shines in cold or room temperature water.

Yacuy Boldo Mint 500g

There’s a beautiful “funk” to this medicinal blend. Boldo, a Chilean herb known for its digestion-enhancing and anti-inflammatory efficacy, has one of the most intriguing flavor profiles around — minty-lemon bright notes colliding with deep forest and earth robustness for a unique experience. Excellent blend for stomach health and detoxifying.

Yacuy Acai Guarana 500g

Brazilian erva mate with the cut of Argentine yerba and the addition of mind and body enhancing acai and guarana makes for a complex and intriguing journey of Amazonian flavors with a modern twist. A versatile medicinal blend with great latitude of icy cold to hot waters and everything in between, this yerba begs you to find your perfect temperature. Cooler waters show bright and zesty fruit with a touch of sourness. Warmer waters quickly change currents to strong, robust and even overwhelming choppy bodies of rich earth and subdued fruit. Either way, Yacuy continues to offer some of the most innovative yerva-erva coming out of the Southern Cone.

How to Prepare Erva Mate

Enjoy hot or cold.

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