Yacuy Pineapple Mint

Samba Samba!


500g, 1.1 lb

Toss your Sandals ~ Time to Dance

Bursting pineapples punctuated with explosive mint, it’s time to shake things up with a jubilantly juicy blend that’ll transport you to warm breezy beachy days without a care in the world. Enjoy icy cold with fresh fruits or hot, nothing matters when you’re feeling good and sipping your finest.

Yacuy Pineapple Mint Erva Mate Blend Yacuy Pineapple Mint Erva Mate Blend Yacuy Pineapple Mint Erva Mate Blend

Smash the play button and get ready to move

Yacuy Pineapple Mint Erva Mate Blend

Follow the sounds of bright and lively pineapple with superfresh bursts of mint for an energizing fluid dance of high vibes and technicolored reverie.

Tik left with syrupy melon then tock right with thick honey and brown sugar, now we’re moving. Warm sand pushing through toes, fun beachy vibes in full effect!

Awash in overexposed sweetness bordering on saccharine, the blend dances aimlessly, bubbling and bursting with joy and freedom with no plan or direction in sight. Vivid flavors with the only desire: to dance.

Billowy structure with high viscosity and roundness, Pineapple Mint will deftly shrug, hands-in-sky, any lingering robust green malt, for bright, lively youthful pizazz and sprightly enthusiasm.

This dance is for the adventurous.

Water Temperature

Designed for cold or hot yerba. Cold water will calm the sweetness and reduce explosiveness of fruit. I prefer to overexpose the fruity thrust with 170ºF, 76ºC range. Middle temperatures in 150–160ºF, 65ºF–71ºC has a muddling effect with clumsy notes. Experiment to find the right flavors.


Erva mate (yerba mate), pineapple flavoring, spearmint.

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