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How to Roast Yerba Mate at Home

Today we’ll show you how to roast yerba mate at home in your own oven. Ever try roasted mate? If you haven’t, oh man…, you’re missing out on some real deliciousness. Roasted mate tastes a bit like dark roasted coffee. It’s super rich and bold, with subtle caramel tones. Give it a shot. We used […]

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refreshing yerba mate icetea

How to Make Cold Brewed Yerba Mate

Who doesn’t like iced tea? It’s the perfect summer drink. Cold. Sweet. And super refreshing. Can’t beat that… Today let’s bump up your typical, boring iced tea powder to the next level. Move over Lipton. Step aside Snapple. Watch out Arizona. Circle of Drink’s Lemon (matefrio) Iced Tea is a game changer. This won’t be […]

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