Refreshing and crisp, our Lemon blend is the perfect yerba mate to drink over ice.

The perfect lemon yerba mate ice tea for your summer

Organic Lemon Yerba Mate Tea by Circle of Drink Our Lemon (matefrio) blend taste great hot or cold. Making ice tea yerba mate is a breeze. Throw one of our ready-made pouches in 1 liter of heated water (185ºF) and brew for 15–25 mins (the longer, the stronger) with a plate over the pot (helps extract the essential oils). For more sweetness add honey, agave, or sugar. Let brew cool for at least 1 hour, then add to a pitcher of ice and serve chilled. Add freshly sliced lemons for that extra zest. If you're drinking from a traditional yerba mate gourd, you can drink this blend hot or cold. For cold mates, add a few cubes of ice over the yerba in your gourd and add cold instead of hot water.

Simple lemony ingredients with organic mission yerba mate

Lemon yerba mate iced tea 100% organic ingredients: yerba mate, myrtle leaf, lemon peel and lemongrass.

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