Lignam Original


Offering a limited wooden gourd, handcrafted with time and care, for a unique mate experience.

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Respectfully Reclaimed and Crafted

With a highly limited supply available on the Island, we only use reclaimed wood from local land owners. With over 50 years of woodworking experience, our local Artisan — situated in the dense hills of Jamaica, brilliantly isolated from the bustling and touristy coasts — spends several hours meticulously hand-shaping each gourd with a simple mechanical wheel and hands, nothing else. We use no chemical wood sealants, only wood, time, and respect for the tree.

Time, Encapsulated

Many of our starting blocks were derived from wood that’s well over 100 years old, and in some cases, allowed to cure for over 10 years in the tropical Jamaican sun. We release no more than 2 small collections every year or two.

Lignam Original Cup wooden yerba mate gourd by Circle of Drink

Jamaica’s Iron Wood

Lignum vitae, the national tree of Jamaica, revered for thousands of years for its rich gorgeous grain and solid durability. Affectionately called the “Iron Wood”, natives of this quaint Caribbean Island continue to reserve lignum only for the finest furniture, bowls, and crafts.

Lignam Original Cup wooden yerba mate gourd by Circle of Drink

Additional information

Perfect, Imperfections

Minor cracks, checks, and marks are inevitable when shaping the hardest wood on Earth. This gives each cup unique character and energy. Before shipping, each gourd is stress tested for a full day with water, but due to varying climate changes based upon your location, this may lead to further cracking. If your gourd begins to leak below the brim, we’ll gladly replace or refund your purchase.


Height: 4.5˝ | 11.43 cm

Mouth: 2.75˝ | 6.98 cm

Base: 3.25˝ | 8.25 cm

Depth: 2.50˝ | 6.35 cm


Dry yerba mate weight (3/4s gourd full): 40g | 8tsp

Liquid volume: 200 ml

Weight: 420g

Size, design, capacity, weight may vary from gourd to gourd.


Massage entire gourd with natural oil (olive, flax, coconut) every few weeks, wipe off excess. This moisturizes the wood, add natural shine, and help prevent cracking.

Rinse gourd with warm water after each day of use and allow to fully dry.


Weight 16 oz