Sabado Chalice x Yacuy Organic Mate Kit


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An Erva Journey Begins

Yacuy Organic captures the essence of the Brazilian forest, with subtle wine-like and fruity elements intermingling with rich and dark green-malty tones for a lively, fulfilling erva experience. We’ve paired Yacuy Organic with an elegant Sabado Cup Chalice, Grazie Bronze Bomba and a Mate Shaper. You are now ready to embark upon your erva journey. Salud!

Sabado Chalice Yerba Mate Kit with Yacuy Organic Erva Mate

Additional information

Sabado Cup Chalice Dimensions

  • Brim width: 3.5 – 4in
  • Height: 5 – 5.25in
  • Width: 3.5 – 3.75in
  • Weight: 150g
  • Capacity (3/4s full dry yerba): 40–55g
  • Materials: Calabash squash, natural rubber, steel

*Size and shape may vary, as each piece has its own natural characteristics. Patterns on rubber may vary depending on supply.

Grazie Bronze 9 Dimensions

  • Type: Spoon
  • Filter count: 180+
  • Length: 9in, 23cm
  • Weight: 33.5g, 1.16oz
  • Materials: Chrome plated body; Bronze accented spout (anti-bacterial)


Allow the Natural Curing Process

No need to cure your cuia with any particular method. The vessel will naturally cure on its own, within three months, depending on your climate (faster in drier weather). Some mold and mildew is perfectly normal, as the excess plant material inside the vessel breaks down with use. After several weeks, you’ll notice a uniform dark hue and the cuia will begin to dry rapidly after each use. Most mate drinkers continue to use the cuia throughout the entire process, but you may also alternate between vessels during this process. If you are totally against mold and oxidation, then we recommend you select a metal or wooden vessel.

Allow brazilian mate cuia to naturally cure


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