Sabi Cup Mocha Kit


Simple calabash cup accented with alpaca silver brim.  

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Natural and Simple Calabash Mate Kit

The Japanese philosophy of sabi perfectly encapsulates the experience of drinking mate from a natural calabash gourd. Sprouted from the raw earth, bursting with rain water, then hollowed and dried, the calabash cup tells a story of time, showing Nature’s marks of  imperfections with rusty hues, subtle textures, and cute dimples, across a natural shimmering butter-smooth patina.

Natural calabash yerba mate kit with bombilla

Natural calabash yerba mate kit with bombilla

Natural calabash yerba mate kit with bombilla


We don’t like everything that shines, but we do prefer a pensive lustre to shallow brilliance, a murky light that, whether in a stone or an artefact, bespeaks a sheen of antiquity…. We do love things that bear the marks of grime, soot, and weather, and we love the colours and the sheen that call to mind the past that made them.

In Praise of Shadows, Tanizaki

Additional information

It all started with the calabash

Authentic Calabash Yerba Mate Gourd

Sabi Cup Original Kit - Calabash Mate Gourd

Enjoy a handcrafted calabash yerba mate gourd from Argentina. These authentic mate cups are crafted from squash plants specifically grown for yerba mate vessels. In Argentina over 90% of the population drink for a calabash mate cup. Each gourd is hand-selected to ensure the best quality. An alpaca silver brim is added for a luxurious look and feel.

Kit includes Sabi Cup Original, stainless steel Hampton Bombilla, your choice of gourmet mate, and optional Mate Shaper Set of Precision Shaper and Navel Shaper.

*Sabi Cup Original Dimensions

  • Weight: 65g
  • Capacity: 50–70 g / 10–12 liq. oz
  • Height: 3.5–4 in, 8.89–10.16 cm
  • Body width: 3.75–4 in, 9.52–10.16 cm
  • Brim width: 2.25 in, 5.71 cm
  • Colorway: Mocha

*Size and shapes may vary as each gourd is unique

Hampton Bombilla Dimensions

  • Weight: 36g
  • Length: 8 in, 20.3 cm
  • Material: 18/8 stainless steel
  • Filter count: 100+

Mate Shaper Dimensions (optional)

If you select to include a Mate Shaper Set, you’ll receive the following Shapers. The Preciso shaper is for shaping the mountain of mate outside the gourd; the Navel Shaper is for shaping the yerba inside the calabash gourd — this Shaper has a distinct shape to rest over the protruding navel common inside the calabash gourd’s base.

  • Preciso: Length: 6.5 in, 16.5 cm; Width: 1.12 in, 2.5cm; Weight: 11g
  • Navel: Length: 4.5 in, 11.4 cm; Width: 1.75in, 4.4 cm ; Weight: 18g
  • Material: Reclaimed Jamaican Mahogany

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Allow the Natural Curing Process

No need to cure your gourd with any particular method. The vessel will naturally cure on its own, within three months, depending on your climate (faster in drier weather). Some mold and mildew is perfectly normal, as the excess plant material inside the vessel breaks down with use. After several weeks, you’ll notice a uniform dark hue and the gourd will begin to dry rapidly after each use. Most mate drinkers continue to use the gourd throughout the entire process, but you may also alternate between vessels during this process. If you are totally against mold and oxidation, then we recommend you select a metal or wooden vessel.

Allow brazilian mate cuia to naturally cure

Weight 28 oz
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