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Rich, Robust, Hearty

Delightfully bold with Old World and pastoral elements deep Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, countryside, Schneider Gold hits as hard and precisely as a feather hammer. Experience heavier tones of stout, espresso, barley, tobacco, and black earth with lighter touches of toasted bread, sweet hay and delicate chocolate layers. Made with 100% Native Erva plants (older, established plants), the flavors are smooth and consistent with pleasantly long cycles. Bravo.

Brazilian Erva Mate

Brazilian Erva Mate

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Tasting Notes

Rustic is the common denominator throughout the Schneider line. Their ervas aren’t super-silky like Mate Nativo nor as exciting with explosive flavors as experienced with Yacuy. They also aren’t as boring as a Ximango or Barão.

Gold is a beautiful Nativa using native plants. The word “nativa” is sometimes used more for marketing than actual meaning. Nativas, traditionally, are ervas from plants that are generally 25+ years old. These plants are different from the commercial plants in that they are generally smoother and have less of a bite.

What’s most intriguing with Gold is the mellow smoky hints that aren’t overwhelming but welcoming. Sappy pine undertones with smooth-robust chocolate elements. Citrus whispers on the finish for levity. This isn’t a particularly cohesive flavor profile, but that’s okay, because it falls perfectly in line with rustic thrust of the line.

Good ervas transport you. Whether it’s back to your first sip with friends or an idea of a place. Gold teleports me to my journey through the Misiones region where many of the yerbas I encountered were super-niche and deliciously smoky.

Schneider, Sabadin, Taquapy, et al. all share a gorgeous rustic vibe that is alluring and quirky at once.

Preparation Notes

With good latitude of flavors, don’t hesitate to overexpose this erva with higher water temperature in the 175ºF, 80ºC range to fully unlock the richness.

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