Cultyvada Medium

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The Graham Crackers of Erva

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Graham Crackers, Marshmallows and Fire

A gooey marshmallow melting between a cinnamon graham cracker with a few snaps of chocolate for the perfect campfire treat. Cultyvada Moída Grossa encapsulates this in both flavor and feeling.

Cultyvada Medium Cut Erva Mate - 500g

Warm chai-like flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar and molasses coalesce with signature Brazilian green malt for warm hug of an erva. There’s no milk, but you’d think you’re drinking this with hot milk. Wholesome, motherly energy radiating from my cuia, passionately, with kind maternal eyes, begs me to pour more water. I smile, while sipping another cycle.

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Cultyvada x Circle of Drink

Cultyvada Medium Cut Erva Mate - 500g

In 2020 we partnered with Cultyvada farm of Ilópolis, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. For over 60 years, Cultyvada has been at the fore of gourmet erva mate in Brazil. They are known for their silky smooth and subtle ervas, with both traditional (nativa) and modern blends.

Tasting Notes

The term moída grossa (MG) denotes the “medium cut” of the erva—more and larger folhas (leaves) and less pó (polvo, powder) than a Nativa cut. However, when you see “grossa” on a bag of erva, it signifies much more than the cut. It has more to do with style and philosophy than anything else.

Moida grossa represents a bolder, stronger tasting erva. This is because instead of using predominantly nativa plants which are lighter in nature, mostly commercial grade plants are used, producing a more concentrated malty body. Moida grossa is for materos who appreciate a stronger erva with more gusto.

A good analogy would be if Liebig were a chimarrão / nativa, then Rosamonte would be a Moida Grossa. The ability to gauge a plant’s strength based upon age and then use it to create the desired blend is something unique to Brazil, as Argentines have no interest in raw yerba, instead opting for aging their yerba for several months. Once you dig deep into yerba, you come to see that the difference between erva and yerba is oceanic at time.

For an MG, Cultyvada has an interesting take on the genre. Significantly less robust than Sabadin and Schneider’s MG. It’s closer to a nativa, but with a noticeable stronger body. Lovely cinnamon and graham cracker notes on the finish.

The mild and sweet chai-like flavors are the cornerstone. I’ve never tasted so much cinnamon and crackers in an MG. The gentle nectarous sweetness found in CVN (Cultyvada Nativa) is replaced with a more subtle but danker sweetness like molasses and caramel. Richer and deeper all around. Not as juicy as CVN. I’m getting more of a Gaucho / Cowboy feel from this MG.


Erva mate from Ilópolis, Brazil.

How to Prepare Erva Mate

Enjoy hot or cold.

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