Temple Vessel Arnica 001


Charcoal leather wrapped Brazilian Cuia • Stainless steel/alpaca brim with custom stamp • 30g, 5.5oz capacity • 321g NT weight • Edition 001, Released July 2023 • Returns accepted only for non-used gourds within 30 days of purchase

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Temple Vessel Arnica • Edition 001 • July 2023

Introducing a special collection of Temple Vessels, carefully handcrafted in Southern Brazil by a small group of Artisans. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, expertly tailored with genuine charcoal leather and adorned with custom stamped steel for a most regal finish. Appreciate the generous weight and stature, adumbrating a powerful legacy piece to enjoy for decades to come. Your piece includes a Certificate of Authenticity with edition and release date details.

Temple Vessel Arnica 001 - July 2023 Release - Leather Wrapped Brazilian Cuia

Temple Vessel Arnica 001 - July 2023 Release - Leather Wrapped Brazilian Cuia

Additional information


  • Brim width: 3.74in, 9.5cm
  • Height: 4.52in, 11.5cm
  • Capacity: 30g (dry weight yerba, filled 3/4s); 5.5 liquid oz
  • Material: Brazilian cuia (squash), stainless/alpaca steel, genuine leather
  • Colorway: Charcoal Black

Allow the Natural Curing Process

No need to cure your cuia with any particular method. The vessel will naturally cure on its own, within three months, depending on your climate (faster in drier weather). Some mold and mildew is perfectly normal, as the excess plant material inside the vessel breaks down with use. After several weeks, you’ll notice a uniform dark hue and the cuia will begin to dry rapidly after each use. Most mate drinkers continue to use the cuia throughout the entire process, but you may also alternate between vessels during this process. If you are totally against mold and oxidation, then we recommend you select a metal or wooden vessel.

Allow brazilian mate cuia to naturally cure


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