You Don’t Have to Cure your Yerba Mate Gourd

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to cure your yerba mate gourd. The gourd will naturally cure on its own with daily use and attentively allowing the gourd to dry each night. Mold and mildew may occur—this is expected and normal. Within a few Read More

Argentine Calabash vs Brazilian Cuia – Yerba Mate Gourds

Argentine calabash gourds and Brazilian cuias are both made from the hollowed and dried squash plant. In Argentina, these gourds are shaped without a wide brim and are usually harder; the Brazilian cuia has a significantly larger form with a wide brim and the gourd Read More

How to use a yerba mate bombilla (straw)

First select the correct bombilla for your yerba mate cut. After inverting your mate gourd, revert it back to 45º, creating a slope of dry yerba mate; insert the bombilla alongside slope, with spout facing opposing side of slope (towards you); add hot water into Read More

Selecting a Wooden Yerba Mate Gourd

The good ol’ wooden yerba mate gourd. It’s been with me since the beginning and I haven’t looked back since. Drinking an herbal infusion from a part a tree is special experience. A wooden yerba mate gourd is the perfect vessel for drinking mate the Read More

How to Care For Your Wooden Yerba Mate Cup

We’ve spoken about how to select the best wooden yerba mate gourd for you, now let’s delve into protecting and maintaining your mate gourd. It’s the mate drinker’s greatest friend. The vessel we come back to over and over again. The wooden, metal, or squash Read More

The Official Yerba Mate Buying Guide

Welcome to The Official Yerba Mate Buying Guide, where you’ll easily learn everything you need to buy yerba mate and start drinking like a True Mate Drinker, also known as a Matero (pronounced MAH-ter-ROW). Maybe you’ve just heard about Yerba Mate, maybe you’re still asking Read More

Mold in Yerba Mate Gourd? Here’s How to Save it.

The best way to remove mold from your yerba mate gourd is to allow it to fully dry. Mold cannot survive without moisture. Place your gourd is the sun for a few hours or allow it to dry on a counter near an open window. Read More

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