Unplugging the Mate

There are many reasons to unplug the bombilla from the mate, either partially or fully. The server needs to constantly maintain space around the bombilla, while preserving the precious mountain of mate. At times, it’ll be necessary to totally remove the bombilla after taking a Read More

Flooding the Mate

When you flood the mate, you add water over your mountain of mate and immerse all of the yerba. This is an alternative to bombilla hemisphere switching and, if done properly and at the right time, can be just as effective in prolonging the cycle Read More

The Server Remains Low

The role of the yerba mate server Known as the cebador (pronounced sey-BAH-dor), the yerba mate server has the honor of preparing and serving yerba mate to all the guests included in the yerba mate circle. As the server, never lose your purity of heart. Read More

The Art of Yerba Mate Bombillas

Bombilla, pronounced bom-bee-SHAH, the word literally means “straw” in Castellano. Without the bombilla, there’s no drinking mate. It’s an essential tool when drinking yerba traditionally out of a mate (gourd). Unless you’re drinking mate cocido, bagged mate, then forget about making mate without your bombilla. Read More

Yerba Mate in 2.5 Minutes

Short on time? Quickly learn what yerba mate tea is all about in less than 3 minutes. Quick (2.5 min) Guide to Yerba Mate Drink on! Read More

Selecting A Yerba Mate Gourd

Like most mate drinkers, I started out with a typical mate gourd made from the hollowed and dried end of a calabash squash. These gourds appear to be the most traditional way of drinking mate and for well over a year I stuck with them, Read More

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