Easy Fino Mate Shaper Green


The Shape of Mate • Easy Mate Shaper suitable for gourds 3–4.5in, 10-11cm deep / 4.5–5in,  12.5cm brim width • BPA-free plastic • Green colorway

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Because Shape Matters

Often not considered during the ritual of preparing yerba mate, the shape of the mountain of mate plays a vital role in appreciating the flavors and enhancing the overall drinking experience. A mate shaper allows you to build a solid mate wall that won’t collapse into the infusion, preventing your bombilla from clogging. Take your mate connoisseurship to the next level and start properly shaping your erva and yerba for a beautiful experience every time.

Easy Fino Green Yerba Mate Shaper

Additional information

How to prepare erva mate with your shaper

** Suitable for all cuts and forms of yerba and erva **


BPA-free, food-grade plastic.


Pairs well with most Sabado Originals and Chalices.


  • Shaper width: 1.57in, 4cm
  • Handle width: 3.54in, 9cm
  • Length: 5.41in, 13.75cm,
  • Weight: 11.5 g


Weight 3 oz

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