The Official Yerba Mate Buying Guide

Welcome to The Official Yerba Mate Buying Guide, where you’ll easily learn everything you need to buy yerba mate and start drinking like a True Mate Drinker, also known as a Matero (pronounced MAH-ter-ROW). Maybe you’ve just heard about Yerba Mate, maybe you’re still asking Read More

Hunter’s First 21 Days Starting to Drink Yerba Mate

Below is a true account of a new mate drinker that has been documenting the life-altering results since the past 21 days of first starting to drink yerba mate. I love the taste of coffee and love a “little” burst of caffeine but find normal Read More

Why do I drink Mate?

“What is this ‘magical’ drink that you talk about all of the time, Matt?” “Does it get you…high?” “Is it healthy for you?” “I heard that this is linked to cancer, I don’t want cancer!” These are just a few of the various questions that Read More

Pop Your Mate Cherry

Matt from Circle of Drink hosted a fun and educational mate circle last weekend with new mate drinkers from Long Island, New York. It was simple, fresh, enlightening, and, as always, magical. I popped my head in for a second to explain some of the Read More

Selecting A Yerba Mate Gourd

Like most mate drinkers, I started out with a typical mate gourd made from the hollowed and dried end of a calabash squash. These gourds appear to be the most traditional way of drinking mate and for well over a year I stuck with them, Read More

A Mate Enthusiast’s Story

For the last year mate has been my study companion. I started drinking mate when I was in Canada, after watching David Askaripour videos about yerba mate. Even though I had heard a lot about mate before, I never got to try it. My first Read More