Online Mate Circle: Yerba Mate Basics

Online Yerba Mate Circle, January 30th,2014 The first Mate Circle of 2014 was a success! Thanks to everyone that joined in from around the world to learn and share about this magical herb from South America that we all love. We had Materos from The Read More

The Server Remains Low

The role of the yerba mate server Known as the cebador (pronounced sey-BAH-dor), the yerba mate server has the honor of preparing and serving yerba mate to all the guests included in the yerba mate circle. As the server, never lose your purity of heart. Read More

The Queen Outlawed Mate

Throughout history, there have been many attempts to ban yerba mate Yerba mate was illegal in London. Published in the 1882 Tropical Agriculturist, we hear the plea of Anglo Porteno, writing to the Editor of the British Trade Journal, fighting for the right to resume Read More

Breathe Before You Rush: How Mate is More Than a Drink

In order for me to elaborate on the topic of why Yerba Mate is so necessary today, I need to first introduce you to two people: Charles and Brad. Charles is a 34-year-old man working at the financial services firm, Goldman Sachs, as an Executive Read More

Who is really behind Guayaki? [Interview]

A few months ago, I got the chance to interview Steven Karr from Guayaki. Steve is an amazing guy, with an amazing vision for Mate, and I couldn’t help becoming more and more excited about the future of Mate in the States as I spoke Read More

Mate Whisperings

I don’t get tired of drinking IT. IT’s sustainable. Maintainable. Free flowing. Growing. Sowing seeds. Some say IT builds electrical activity in the brain. Some say it helps wake you up. Deepens dreams. Improves the immune system. I bet IT does all of that, and Read More

How Poland got its hands on Yerba Mate

The history of yerba mate in Poland I recently stumbled upon a picture of a Polish guy drinking some Mate. I posted a comment, and this began my informal interview with a Polish Mate drinker by the name of Sebastian.   Sebastian: Hi Matt. Thanks Read More

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