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Complex and Classical

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A Beautiful Summation of Argentine Yerba Mate

Playadito represents everything a Classical Argentine mate should be: slightly sour, a nip of astringency, light malt and a green rich body accented with subtle layers of delicate florals, toasty oats and brown sugar. Certainly not as burly as other Argentine mates, a la Mission, Playadito’s single-source leaves are on the lighter side for a crisp and clean profile. Those that appreciate the floralness of erva mates from Brazil and the sweet-and-sour richness from Argentina, Playadito lies somewhere in-between with impressive complex characteristics.

Playadito Yerba Mate

Playadito Yerba Mate

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Playadito Yerba Mate

Preparing Notes

Playadtio does well in the 140–155ºF, 60–68ºC range, as it’s quite complex. Water temperatures in the 160ºF+, 71ºC+ range overexposes the sourness at the expense of the florals, which may be desired. Excellent yerba for iced mate paired with zesty herbs.

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