Yacuy Guarana Green Tea

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Sweet, Tangy, Candy, What!?

yacuy guarana green tea erva mate

This erva is ridiculously satisfying on multiple levels. One deep whiff and cotton candying is melting in your mouth. I close my eyes and I’m at a bustling carnival. These rich sweet deep velvety guarana cherry seeds with just-enough-sourness green tea in a malty medley of oozing raspberry black chocolate, oh boyyy… do you get what I mean by the word ridiculous? There’s absolutely no candy, sugar, nada! added to this erva except the Brazilian native guarana seed highly revered for its gentle uplifting effects and green tea to supercharge the blend even further. Yacuy, you’ve done it again.

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Tasting Notes

Yacuy Guarana and Tea Erva Mate

Sweet bubble gum fragrance is mouth watering, transporting me to chewing a large bag of shredded Big League gum and aimlessly running around the block on a hot summer day. The tangy guarana cherries and earthy green tea create a mouthwatering and intoxicatingly delicious bouquet with equal effects in rich, red velvety cake and swedish fish candy flavors basking in solid green malty chocolatey foundation.

The convergence of sweet, tangy, earthy, malty, nutty, and creamy, chewy, billowy produces both a unique texture and one-of-a-kind medley of complex flavors of the fecund forest, making for an unparalleled erva experience.

Risk takers rejoice! I’m so tired of the insanely heavy and bloated Argentine blends where you can’t even taste the mate…only mint bombs and heavy-handed doses of mountain herbs that leave your taste buds fried instead of elated. It takes courage to do less.

Yacuy Guarana and Tea Erva Mate

Yacuy found a beautiful dancing line of just-enough addition of herbs that accentuate the erva’s natural green malt, not hiding it in a sea of intensity.

Choosing to use green tea and guarana powder without the inclusion of whole herbs only adds to the alluring mystery of how this erva was crafted: you taste the intensity of the berries, but they are nowhere in sight. The green tea light sourness is there, but you won’t find a single whole tea leaf in your gourd. It pays homage to the idea of hiding something in plain sight, which only enhances the experience for me.

It’s a treat!

Drinking this erva is like ordering dessert after drinking several courses of Plain Jane mates where what you’re drinking is what you’re expecting. Each time I experience a new Yacuy erva, it’s never what I expected. Never.

I find myself, after a few sips, sucked into a vortex of flavors and textures and feelings that, hitherto, I’ve never considered. These aren’t your typical ervas, buddy.

Water temperature recommendations

155–160ºF / 70ºC


Brazilian Erva mate (yerba mate) guarana seed, green tea.

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