Yacuy Relax Detox

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Relax, Digest, Detox.

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Infinite Layers of Licorice

Ease anxiety, lower blood pressure, enhance digestion, fight infections, reduce inflammation, here’s a blend that’s equally effective as a powerful medicinal and a tasty treat that delivers sweet-sappy layers of licorice fennel, crispy clean lemon balm, with woodsy chamomile and rich malty Brazilian erva. The carqueja plant is the hidden gem of this ancient blend, with remarkable effectiveness, helping to cleanse the blood, destroy infections, and significantly improve digestion to keep your body running smoothly, inside and out.

Yacuy Relax and Detox with Carqueja

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Tasting Notes

Sweet licorice, soft lemons, fennel anise, and a mild cardamom spice touch, yes, this blend is elusive and wispy, even romantic. The first few cycles show great intensity of licorice, particularly with temperatures above 160ºF, but well into several cycles, the blend blossoms with calmer notes of bright lemon, sappy licorice, and almost ghostly light floral elements that appear and disappear on their own schedule.

Those familiar with Yacuy, you know they have a light touch with their blends. No bitterness in sight, only razor thin layers of subtle florals backed by stable and consistent licorice. The maltiness is partially masked by the anise, creating a light body that’s both elegant and sophisticated. A palate builder blend, that’s for sure.

Clearly designed as a medical blend, with the inclusion of carqueja (car-KAY-zhaa). This Brazilian native plant is a major element in South America pharmacopeia. As a powerful liver detoxifier, blood cleanser, and anti-inflammatory, carqueja has been used for thousands of years to enhance digestion, expel intentional words, fight venereal disease, and promote a healthy liver. The United States is just starting to recognize this lowly herb that has gone under the radar of the greater world, quietly consumed by South Americans for millennia.

The energy flow of this blend is calming and soothing. Some parallels of similar mates would be Uruguay’s Cabral Compuesta or Argentina’s Cachamate Mixed Herbs, but on higher level of sophistication, achieving graceful flavors within a clear medical-based blending modality— a feat not easy to achieve, simply because many medicinal herbs simply don’t taste that great in the context of sugar-laden and artificial flavor the world has standardized in teas.

It’s an art, in and of itself, to create medical blends that also taste amazing. It’s too easy and cheap to mask the medicine with artificial flavors and loads of mint, which invariably damage the flavor experience with harsh, uncoordinated elements that have a way of lapidifying instead of liberating the palate.

So relax, detox your body, get rid of any lingering junk in your stomach, and enjoy a super mild blend with a sweet licorice persona.


Erva mate (yerba mate), anise, chamomile, lemon balm, carqueja (baccharis genistelloides).

Water temperature recommendations

160-165ºF / 73ºC

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