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So Sweet, So Pure

Kaleidoscopic swirls of tart cherry and cinnamony apple beautifully collide, exploding sensations of love, harmony, and immunity. Who said romanticism was dead? Uh ahhh… not here! Sticky lush kisses of sweet cherry press against green apples and succulent raspberries bursting from the seams. Daring thrusts of fruit dart and dash beneath and above crispy green malt, exposing profiles hitherto obscured in the world of ervas. Delicate flirts of dark chocolate catch eye contact with zesty anise and all sorts of cinnamon-nutmeg-spice undertones are revealed. Yacuy Apple Blossom takes over the room without even a word uttered — one sip is all the introduction required.

Yacuy Apple Cherry Gourmet Erva Mate Blend

Yacuy Apple Berry Gourmet Erva Mate Blend

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Grab a napkin, this one’s gonna get messy!

Yacuy Apple Blossom Gourmet Erva Mate Tea

Plush cherry-vanilla-chocolate-cinnamon ice cream cake dripping with sticky rich raspberry and tangy sweet strawberry syrup oozing everywhere. 

Otherworldly bouquets of hot-off-the-stick cotton candy, strawberry starburst and tootsie pops just waiting to crack into the chocolatey center. 

Is Yacuy an erva mate brand or a vortex into a world of supremely delicate and velvety flavors? I’m no longer certain. But I’ll tell you that I’m loving this new dimension where flavors seem to pop, twist, disappear and reappear all in some unexplained magical dance that words do no justice. These flavors speak all for themselves.   

If Yacuy Nativa is the main course, Apple Berry the long awaited dessert. Cherry cakes with a sort of graham cracker crust and black chocolate shavings, I feel transported inside this delicious treat. 

Yacuy Apple Blossom Gourmet Erva Mate Tea

Berries and apples and chocolate and vanilla dance and dash with perfect coordination in a vacuum of wispy green maltiness — yes, my dear Materos, we’ve landed in another world of flavor profiles, far beyond any level of blending I’ve experienced in Argentina and Paraguay. 

Start at 150ºF / 65ºC to experience the gentle fruity layers of this new landscape, then dig deeper into the strata with 165ºF+ temperatures to expose riqsué-rich chocolatey malt. 

Welcome to Planet Yacuy.


Organic Erva Mate, Apple, blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, star anise.

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