Yacuy Nativa

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Erva, Elevated

Nativa is to Brazilian erva what Classical is to Argentine yerba, the most traditional taste of the region. Chimmarão is produced in many regions of Southern Brazil, but what defines the taste most Brazilians are seeking is a signature deep green and light malt profile. Yacuy takes the traditional green malt and elevates the experience with subtle fruit and soft nutty layers wrapped in a bright and crisp greenness. The nativa plants, usually over 50 years-old, add sophistication and elegance, tempting your tastebuds to explore further and deeper into the green abyss. I dare you to come along.

Yacuy Nativa Erva Mate 1kg
Yacuy Nativa Erva Mate

Yacuy Nativa Chimarrao Erva Mate 1kg

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Slip, Sip Awayyy…..

Flabbergasted. I’m literally startled. Admittedly, I’ve become a chimarrão aficionado this year of global upheaval… ahem! 2020… affording me precious tiempo to return to my beloved mate reviews and tastings. Year-to-date, I’ve tried well over a dozen nativa erva mates from Southern Brazil, and this beautifully complex and refreshingly simple erva has immediately ascended to my top few favoritie nativas along with Cutylvada.

It only took one sip.

Here we have an erva that I’m excited about! If there is no discovery, no personality, no jazz, I’m bored so easily. If an erva says blahh blahh blahh, well, I’m so over it. There’s nothing worse than sipping a green flat hot mess.

With Yacuy Nativa, you’ll soar over the rainbow with infinity layers and stacked patinas of gorgeously lush and well tamed florals. And mind you, these florals are starkly different than the florals in Yacuy Nativa Organica. They are mellowed and ironed out — spread wonderfully thin for more latitude of flavor. Okay, so Nativa isn’t certified organic. I don’t care!

Hovering around 150ºF / 65ºC and the delicacy of florals, soft cherries, raspberries, green tea, milk chocolate, and nutty-buttery tones are quietly coaxed without any sight of sharpness or concentration. Smooth sailing in open seas and clear skies. Ahhh… can you feel that summer breeze? Dream with me awhile, won’t you.

Turn the heat up to 170ºF / 77ºC and now we enter the fecund forest with rich, verdant, green and malty strong elegance. Now erupts robust mountains and black soil expansions with decomposing leaves crisply canvassing the natural carpet of the forest. Sweetness becomes sharper and the medley of florals focused.

See what I mean about latitude?

You can ride this Nativa from 145º to 170º and spring to entirely different dimensions of flavors and experiences. Not only from temperature to temperature, but sip to sip within each world.

Each dimension has another story to tell, which, for me, creates excitement, novelty, wonder. If there’s any doubt that erva and yerba isn’t as gourmet as any other fine and luxurious food, you’ve been sleeping on Yacuy. Do yourself a favor, wake up! and generously fill your cuia with Yacuy Nativa and pour your best water at 150º, then close your eyes and slip, sip awayyyy…..

I can already see you smiling.


Erva mate (yerba mate) from old growth plant (nativa).


Depending on availability, you’ll either receive a vacuum sealed or air pack packaging. Air packs allow more air into the bag, so the result may be a marginally smoother / lighter flavor profile.

Water temperature recommendations

150-170ºF / 72ºC

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