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Redefining the Meaning of Green

How something so green and fresh could taste like a dark chocolate bar topped with espresso beans with tiramisu cake and creamy cappuccino on the side…. Still turns my world upside down, in a delicious way! Marvelous work of Nature, this erva. Rich and complex, beautifully balanced with fruity and floral — harmony never tasted so good.

Yacuy Moida Grossa - Medium Cut - Gourmet Erva Mate Tea

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Beautifully Rich

Yacuy Moida Grossa - Medium Cut - Gourmet Erva Mate Tea

Tasting Notes

Beautifully rich moida grossa (medium cut) grown in Brazilian rainforest, expressing the diversity of the forest with dark chocolatey-malt robustness of a traditional grossa cut. Significantly less floral than Yacuy Organic and not as cinnamony and Cultyvada Grossa, Yacuy is certainly more intense and direct in character. And I really like that.

Erva like this isn’t easy to achieve if you’re a seasoned Matero whose been around the gourd a while. Grossas are usually a tad stronger than Nativas (old growth erva plants)  or extraordinarily more  robust a la Sabadin and Schneider.

Here we experience a well-balanced grossa taking a novel path, retaining a clean and lively sweetness from the Nativa spectrum as well as showing risk-taking boldness on the grossa spectrum, making for a novel harmony not common throughout ervas.

Yacuy Moida Grossa Erva Mate

Fresh muffins and warm cinnamon pancakes on the bouquet. There’s a homey, comforting, endearing element in the fragrance, eliciting feelings of assurance and deep connection — a welcoming escape from 2020 mayhem.

It’s these touches that set Yacuy apart from the pack. The brand clearly went the distance with sourcing and blending. This is apparent in the branding; the environment they’ve selected to grow their erva; the lively vibes of the fresh green yerba glowing from my cuia. The DNA of Yacuy is strong.

No vacuum sealed packs, but I almost prefer that with this line of Yacuy. Sure, the erva won’t stay as green as long, but once you crack open a pack it’s not going to last, so does it really matter?

Rich raw cacao, espresso, mocha, cappuccino, yup it’s all there. Then sweet honey essence, florals, subtle sappy nectar. All harmonizing into a gourmet medium body of malty goodness.

Impressive, certo!


Brazilian Erva mate (yerba mate).

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